Qlik AutoML™

No-code, automated machine learning for analytics teams

Screenshot of Qlik dashboard used to decrease customer churn

Powerful predictive analytics and what-if scenarios

Qlik AutoML is automated machine learning for analytics teams. Easily generate models, make predictions, and test business scenarios using a simple, code-free experience.

Quickly connect your data, identify key drivers to generate and refine ML models. Make future predictions and test what-if scenarios with full explainable data. And quickly publish the data or directly integrate models into Qlik Sense for fully interactive analysis.

Screenshot of Qlik dashboard showing machine learning models

Auto-generate machine learning models

Qlik AutoML identifies key drivers in your historical data and generates machine learning models. Simply select a target field in your data set and let Qlik AutoML do the work:

  • Scores and ranks multiple ML models to choose the best performing model for your data set.
  • Determines feature importance to communicate key business drivers.
  • Lets users easily refine their model and use it for predictions and scenario analysis.
Screenshot of Qlik dashboard used to predict potential outcomes

Make predictions to understand potential outcomes

With your model established, AutoML lets you make predictions on forward-looking data sets. Just load the data to automatically generate likely outcomes based on your model. And get critical prediction-influencer data to explain them at the record-level, so you know how to influence the predicted outcomes.

Publish complete datasets to Qlik Sense to build interactive dashboards with predictive insights that offer transparency into which metrics drive results.

Screenshot of Qlik dashboard used to test what-if scenarios

Use scenario analysis to plan decisions and actions

Plan for decisions and actions by testing “what-if” scenarios. AutoML provides guidance on how changing different parameters might affect your desired outcome. As you shift variables in the model it automatically redistributes the data and re-predicts the outcome so you can understand the implications of any potential action. This allows you to get a feel for what actions lead to the best outcome before making a decision.

And with advanced analytics integration, you can do this directly in Qlik Sense, evaluating and exploring what-if scenarios with instant updates to calculations.

Explore Common AutoML Use Cases

  • Healthcare
    • Patient Admission Forecasting
    • Readmission Analysis
    • Appointment Cancellations
  • Financial Services
    • Credit Risk Analysis
    • Loan Default
    • Customer Growth / Retention
  • Retail & Consumer
    • Customer Repurchase Propensity
    • Retail Store Selection
    • Inventory Stock-outs
  • Life Sciences
    • Territory Alignment
    • Campaign Management
    • Demand Forecasting
  • Public Sector
    • Crime Prevention
    • Transportation Optimization
    • Recidivism
  • Energy & Utilities
    • Customer Churn
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Peak Demand
  • Manufacturing
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Quality & Machine Breakdown
    • Warranty Analytics
  • Communications
    • Customer Segmentation & Churn
    • Quality/Process Control
    • Next Best Offer/Action

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