Embedded Analytics

Bring the power of insight to any application, product, portal, workflow or process

What is embedded analytics?

Embedded analytics seamlessly integrate analytic capabilities and content into business applications, products, websites or portals. It lets users quickly access relevant data and insights in their daily workflows without slowing down and switching to use a separate analytics application. This makes it easier for organizations to empower employees, customers, suppliers and partners with the information they need right where they work to answer questions, make better decisions and take action faster.

Embedded analytics examples

Our complete embedded analytics platform gives you the flexibility to meet any use case – now and in the future.

External portals

Securely provide customers, partners, and other stakeholders with relevant insights into your business ecosystem to optimize processes, drive innovation, and increase the value of your relationships.

Business applications and processes and applications

Help employees make better decisions by embedding analytics insights right at the point of decision within the applications (ERP, CRM, HR, etc.) and processes they focus on every day.

Public websites

Elevate your web and mobile user experience with interactive analytics to surface data-driven insights and enhance knowledge sharing while deepening interest and engagement.

Commercial software products

Boost revenue, drive adoption, and get to market faster with best-in-class analytics, visualizations and dashboards that add the insight and context your customers crave.

10 Stories of Analytics without Limits: Embed everywhere and anywhere.

Screenshot of a dashboard demonstrating Qlik Sense analytics embedded in another application.

A modern platform for world-class embedded analytics

Take advantage of the industry’s leading data analytics platform, purpose-built to embed intelligence anywhere. Easily combine any data source, no matter how large, and create powerful embedded data analytics seamlessly integrated into your users’ workflows, from simple widgets and web mashups to fully custom embedded analytics applications. Fine-grained APIs, a complete library of rich visualizations and our uniquely powerful Associative engine lets you put information in exactly the right context to help users make faster, more accurate decisions.
  • Freely explore all your data

    Ask any question and follow your curiosity. Qlik lets you explore data in any direction. Easily search, select, drill down, or zoom out to find your answer and instantly shift focus if something new sparks your interest.
  • Deliver an unmatched embedded analytics experience

    Qlik’s one-of-a-kind Associative engine indexes and understands every relationship in your data helping you uncover insights you won’t find with query-based embedded analytics tools.
  • Launch embedded analytics applications faster

    With support for the full range of embedded analytics use cases, build and deploy rich, interactive analytics in a matter of weeks with an easy-to-use platform offering a complete set of open APIs.

Embedded analytics – to build, or to buy

Developers may be tempted to build their own KPI dashboards, visualizations and reporting functionality for use within a product or website, but by leveraging our complete embedded analytics platform, they can customize white label analytics solutions to meet business requirements faster and deliver more value overall:

  • Deliver an unparalleled intuitive analytics experience for the end user
  • Provide proven, best-in-class BI technology
  • Accelerate development and time-to-market
  • Benefit from ongoing product development
Image representing how Qlik embedded analytics can be presented within other applications and on any device.

Flexible and powerful development capabilities

Qlik’s broad set of RESTful APIs were built using modern standards like JSON to work with the latest web and application technologies. Developers can leverage these APIs with familiar frameworks, languages (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), charting libraries, and data integration options to build and extend embedded analytics solutions in almost any application or browser-based UI.
Image representing how Qlik Sense performance is maintained as scale of data and users increases.

Optimized for security, scalability, and performance

Qlik offers a single governance framework to allow for common security, manageability and re-usability. The platform can be deployed on a single server and scale both vertically and horizontally to address the availability and processing requirements of your deployment, whether on-premise or in the cloud. High performance in-memory analytics handle massive data sets, while aligning to your security model.

Qlik Sense for embedded analytics

Qlik Sense®

Powerful self-service oriented embedded analytics

Create and embed our industry-leading self-service analytics experience with "code-free” analytics development, enterprise security, manageability, and re-usability.

Here to help you on the path to success

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  • Powerful education options Qlik offers a range of embedded analytics examples and courses to quickly bring your technical team up to speed.
  • Extensive developer resources Access documentation, code samples, and other resources or get help from our developer community.

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