AI & Machine Learning

Deeper insights and data-driven decisions for every user.

A Better Approach to AI and Machine Learning

Many think AI-driven analytics replaces human decision-making with algorithms. The truth is most business problems can’t be solved purely by machines – human interaction and perspective is key. That’s why Qlik’s augmented analytics capabilities enhance human-centric analysis so more people, regardless of skill, can get the most value from analytics.

Empower everyone in your business with Qlik’s AI capabilities

Business Users

Enhance discovery and make better decisions with auto-generated insights and natural language interaction.


Focus on your business by using AI-generated insights, AutoML predictions, while automating creation and data prep.

Data Scientists

Broaden the reach of your models, delivering interactive predictive calculations that are easily accessible by decision makers.

Insight Advisor, your intelligent AI assistant

Insight Advisor enhances nearly everything you do in Qlik Sense®. It auto-generates advanced analyses and insights, assists with analytics creation and data prep, and supports natural language interaction including search and conversational analytics.

Advanced insight generation
Search-based visual discovery
Conversational Analytics
Accelerated creation and data prep

Want to know how to get real value from AI-driven analytics?

Automated machine learning for analytics teams

Qlik AutoML is automated machine learning for analytics users and teams. Easily generate models, make predictions, and test business scenarios using a simple, code-free experience.

Data is efficiently connected, key drivers identified, and models built and refined to make predictions and test what-if scenarios. And you can quickly publish the data to Qlik Sense or other cloud platforms and integrate advanced analytics models for exploratory analysis.

Real-time advanced analytics integration

Advanced analytics integration in Qlik Sense provides direct, engine-level integration with third party data science and machine learning platforms. Users of all skill levels can explore advanced and predictive models created by data scientists. Real-time calculations let you refine context and evaluate results interactively and visually, right within a Qlik Sense dashboard.

We offer native connectors for Amazon Sagemaker and Comprehend, Azure ML, DataRobot, and connectivity for custom solutions built in languages such as R and Python.

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