Qlik Leadership

Qlik’s accomplished leadership team is comprised of some of the top minds in the industry, guiding the company with a steadfast commitment to excellence and our core operating principles.

  • Photo of Mike Capone, CEO

    Mike Capone

  • Photo of Dennis Johnson, Chief Financial Officer

    Dennis Johnson

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Steven Birdsall, EVP Global Sales at Qlik

    Steven Birdsall

    EVP Global Sales
  • Photo of Drew Clarke, Chief Strategy Officer

    Drew Clarke

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Photo of Joe DosSantos, Chief Data Officer

    Joe DosSantos

    Chief Data Officer
  • Photo of James Fisher, Chief Product Officer

    James Fisher

    Chief Product Officer
  • Photo of Chris Powell, Chief Marketing Officer

    Chris Powell

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Photo of Julie Kae, VP, Sustainability and DE&I, Executive Director of Qlik.org

    Julie Kae

    VP, Sustainability and DE&I,
    Executive Director of Qlik.org
  • Photo of Deborah Lofton, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

    Deborah Lofton

    Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Photo of Mike Potter, Chief Technology Officer

    Mike Potter

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Photo of Poornima Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President, Strategic Clients

    Poornima Ramaswamy

    Executive Vice President, Global Partnerships and Chief of Staff to the CEO
  • Photo of Roberto Sigona, Chief Customer Officer

    Roberto Sigona

    Chief Customer Officer
  • Photo of Ruthann Wry, Chief People Officer

    Ruthann Wry

    Chief People Officer