Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Qlik

Accelerate cloud analytics with real-time data integration and modern BI

Architecture diagram illustrating how Qlik data integration products can quickly get data to AWS.

Qlik is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with multiple AWS competencies. We accelerate cloud analytics with an end-to-end data integration and analytics solution for AWS – taking you from raw data to informed action. And we're Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift Service Ready. With Qlik, you can automate continuous delivery of real-time, analytics-ready data into AWS data warehouses or data lakes, and make it easily accessible through a governed catalog. Our modern data analytics platform empowers users at any skill level to freely explore all your data and uncover hidden insights.

AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2013

Illustration showing how Qlik brings data from a variety of sources to AWS.

Bring together all your data with real-time data integration.

Better leverage data from SAP, Mainframes & other complex sources
Qlik has more than a decade of expertise in accessing and transforming complex data structures within SAP and mainframe applications into formats optimized for AWS. This also enables you to combine SAP or Mainframe data together with other data sources.

Continuous data ingestion and migration
Qlik's fully automated change data capture (CDC) enables continuous, real-time data ingestion. And it's validated by AWS for migrating databases to AWS.

Data pipeline automation
Our solution eliminates the need for manual ETL scripting with fully automated raw-to-analytics-ready data pipelines for Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Amazon EMR and more. And Qlik Catalog® automatically generates rich metadata and end-to-end data lineage along with a self-service catalog so users can consume data with confidence.

Uncover more insights with modern AI-powered analytics

Qlik turns analytics-ready data into actionable insights by empowering people of all skill levels to freely explore data. Uncover hidden insights within your data, on-premises and in the cloud with Qlik so your teams can make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes.

Screenshots demonstrating a rich Qlik Sense dashboard on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Freeform exploration with the Qlik Associative Engine

    Our Associative Engine understands every relationship across data sources, offering a one-of-kind analytics experience, giving users the freedom of open-ended, curiosity-driven exploration. It’s like peripheral vision for your analytics, revealing insights you can’t see with SQL and query-based BI tools.
  • AI-powered insights and automation

    Empower everyone in your business with Qlik’s AI capabilities. Surface insights and suggestions so that users can easily explore to make new discoveries. And deliver real-time predictive calculations from SageMaker directly in Qlik Sense, with fully interactive exploration. This powerful approach to AI can increase the data literacy of your entire workforce.
  • Support for the full range of analytics use cases, at scale

    Support all of your people and AWS analytics use cases – from real-time data for analytics consumption and automated SAP analytics to mainframe modernization and interactive queries using Amazon Athena. And offer enterprise-grade scalability, security and governance.

Future-proof your AWS data and analytics investments

  • High performance at scale

    You get elastic scaling within AWS with Qlik. And our agentless CDC works without impacting performance. Monitor and manage thousands of data integration tasks at once with our solution.
  • Broad, fully optimized integration

    We're a proven, AWS Advanced Technology Partner with multiple competencies. All in, thousands of customers have already successfully used Qlik for data integration and migration.
  • AWS support and beyond

    Qlik not only has broad support for multiple AWS services, we also handle your non-AWS repositories in the cloud and on premises.

Maximize your AWS investment with multiple use cases

Real-time data for analytics in AWS

Mainframe modernization with AWS

Agile data warehouse automation for Amazon Redshift

Data Lake ingestion and automation at scale

Near-real-time querying for Amazon Athena

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